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Data Transforming Business Podcast Series – Episode 3

Unlocking business insights from ERP systems

Self-service business intelligence (BI) is a growing trend as more and more business users want to be in greater control of their own reporting and analytics. Often, though, these efforts are thwarted when business users are faced with the underlying complexities of the data structures and interrelationships between data sources, particularly with ERP systems. Given this complexity, can accurate, trusted business information ever truly be ‘self-service’? Or do these solutions place users at risk of producing and consuming inaccurate information by enabling ungoverned access to business data? Are there tools and techniques that can make self-service access to business data more controlled, secure and accurate?  Or are the technical complexities and associated risks unavoidable for business users who want to do their own reporting?

Controlling this unfettered access to business data is the subject of a new three-part podcast series, brought to you by Sage and Zap BI, as part of the Data Transforming Business Series.

Each podcast is an information-packed 10-minute discussion with industry experts sharing their insight and experience.

In the third and final podcast in the series, moderator Donna Burbank from Global Data Strategy speaks with Sage’s David Rawling about how to unlock business insights from ERP and related business management systems using Sage X3.

Most organizations rely on ERP systems, as well as other applications, to manage their complex business processes. But it is often a struggle to integrate the data from across the various applications to produce a single, meaningful view of the business. Additionally, as companies migrate to newer, modern cloud based ERP applications, they face the question of how to retain vital historical data from legacy applications.

Rawling introduces Sage’s unique solution to these challenges, Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics, a robust and secure data warehousing, management, and analytics tool capable of unifying data across multiple platforms to provide reliable, accurate, and trusted business insights. When CFOs and CIOs have confidence in the security and accuracy of the data, creating a self-service BI environment is the logical next step, and Rawling and Burbank discuss how Sage is making true self-service business intelligence a reality for midmarket enterprises.

Listen to the entire conversation here, and be sure to review episode 1 and episode 2 to get the full story.

Locke Truong

Director of product marketing, Sage X3

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