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Partner spotlight – IWI Consulting Group

A chat with Krish Thurairajah, President

As part of our on-going series spotlighting Sage business partners, we spoke with Krish Thurairajah, president of IWI Consulting Group. IWI in an Ontario-based firm that has chosen to build its business practice around the Sage family of products, including Sage X3. Here, Krish gives us his perspective on the state of the industry, and what his firm is doing to meet today’s challenges and prepare for those of tomorrow.

Krish Thurairajah, President, IWI Consulting Group Inc.

Tell us a bit about IWI Consulting Group’s business model – what is your approach to doing business and securing and retaining clients?

IWI Consulting Group’s philosophy is built on the premise that superior customer service is vital to client acquisition and retention. If you need help with a business solution, we will help you find the answer, or we will build the solution for you.

We are committed to strong and lasting relationships with our clients. This commitment dictates that we deliver the best service available, and be completely responsive to the needs of our clients. Our success is based on having a solid understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations. IWI’s unique mix of industry knowledge combined with technology expertise delivers a measurable competitive edge.

IWI exclusively represents Sage business management solutions. Tell us how that exclusivity results in a competitive advantage for your company?

IWI recognized Sage and its business management solutions as an industry leader years ago, when we first started out. Because Sage is dedicated to the business management software industry, the company’s R&D dollars are focused there too. We believe that level of dedication will ensure Sage remains a leading player in the business management software world. Not only is IWI focused on Sage, we are focused on only two Sage ERP solutions and the related software. This enables us to be experts in the solutions and industries we work in, unlike many companies that offer so many solutions that it is virtually impossible to become experts on the entire product line.

Are the requirements for a new ERP system that prospects bring to you now different than they were five years ago? If so, can you point to some specific differences that you’re seeing?

While technology and regulations have changed in the past five years, companies still come to us with the same basic issues. With today’s price-competitive and global markets, businesses are looking for systems that calculate an accurate cost and margin picture in one, complete business management solution. To do this, they need ERP integration with their existing industry-specific software. They also need data reporting with easy-to-access KPIs, and real-time exception alerts so they can monitor the business and make better decisions.

Are you seeing more prospects seeking (and existing clients looking to migrate to) a cloud based ERP solution? If so, have you changed your approach to the sales, consulting and implementation cycles, and how have you changed?

Prospects and clients are looking to meet the needs of today’s generation who want to access data through their mobile devices. We find that this can be accomplished with systems that run in the cloud or on premises. We work with our clients to choose the best option for their business with the security, costs, and customization they require.

For example, a full SaaS offering can drastically lower implementation time and costs, but it can come with a limitation on customization capabilities. Sage X3 works well in either environment, while providing the user experience our clients’ desire.

How do you see technology trends like the Internet of Things, workplace mobility, and the fast economy affecting your business, and the businesses of your clients?

In today’s market place, customers want things now and are more hands-on than ever. They want the ability to place their own orders, see what they have bought in the past, make payments online, and get a general overview of their account.

IWI offers the latest e-commerce and mobile technology integrated with Sage ERP systems all in one technology platform. This allows businesses to meet customer demands while streamlining their operations and lowering their overall cost of doing business.

Looking into your crystal ball, what do you see as “the next big thing” impacting the business software marketplace?

The marketplace is moving toward the web and mobility to provide easy access for businesses and their customers to company software and websites. We are confident in Sage providing system functionality using the latest technology. Sage X3 with its cloud offering on the Amazon Web Services platform is the future –  as well as products developed around artificial intelligence and robotics.

Locke Truong

Director of product marketing, Sage X3

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