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Partner spotlight – Jess Mann, COO, Mantralogix

If you could sum up your company mission into a single word or phrase, what would that be and why?

“It’s all about the People!” We are first and foremost a people organization that happens to specialize in simplifying technology. “People” includes the “Mighty Mantras,” the teams employed by our customers, our partners (including Sage), and our community. We have created an organization that is committed to serving all these people, and it is our raison d’etre. Since 1996 Mantralogix has donated over $250,000 to charitable organizations in our community and around the world and our desire to do more pushes us for even better results.

Jess Mann, COO, Mantralogix

I understand Mantralogix recently celebrated its 20th anniversary – congratulations! What are the factors that contribute to your longevity in this marketspace, and how have those factors changed and evolved over the past two decades?

Thank you! We are super excited and proud of this accomplishment. Mantralogix (we affectionately call her M!) has been nurtured, has learned and grown, has made her share of mistakes, and has developed into a strong, competent, and mature organization. The most important factor in our longevity is the openness and acceptance that to remain relevant, you can never know it all, and that you must be able to learn, grow, and change. The need for this has accelerated as technology continues to evolve at record speed!

What are the best (and the not-so-best) things about working with a family member?

Love this question! Kerry Mann, our founder and President, is a serial entrepreneur and is a thought leader in the midmarket ERP space. It’s like being married to a celebrity!

For my part, I came into the business seven years ago after 15 years in a large financial services firm, raised on process and operations. So lots of people are curious – how do we make it work (or do we?). Like other strong and successful leadership teams, Kerry and I have very different competencies. We specialize in different things and focus on them, while maintaining a very strong regard for each other’s skills and areas of work. The best part of this is the deep respect and trust we hold for each other. Our team appreciates our diversity and M has benefited from it. Since we have another arena to play in (our family) our kids say it best! “Dad is the boss at work, and Mom is the boss at home!”

With the rapid pace of technology, how do you ensure your firm is always ready to address the needs of your clients?

One of our values is “anticipating” the customers’ needs. This means understanding the goals of our customers. We then look for the intersection of these needs and where technology is, and this produces the right solution for each customer. It also means our learning is never done. If you are working with someone who says they know everything about technology, run!

What are various ways you work to differentiate your firm from other solution providers – including product/service offerings, marketing efforts, personnel hires, training, etc.?

In the seven years I have led M, I have been able to bring the 15 years of experience and development I benefited from in my time in financial services in Corporate Canada. Because my background is so different, it means I do things very differently at M.

First, we commit to company level strategic planning and thinking. We take a few days every year to engage the entire team in this planning and goal setting. When decisions need to be made throughout the year, we have our well-thought-out plan to help guide us.

Another differentiator is our corporate emotional intelligence. We connect with our customers on an emotional level. There is so much noise out there (aka product features) and we don’t want to contribute to that noise. We want to connect with the market on an emotional level – again “It’s all about the People!”

What changes are having the biggest impact on your business and the businesses of your clients?

We have a very different workforce today and so do our customers! Generational impact on workplaces and workforce are nothing new – what is new is what each generation demands. You can either dig in your heels and refuse to change and thus become irrelevant, or you can embrace the changes and question how you stand to benefit. It’s fun to continue to learn and change, and the millennials in our workspace are teaching us tons. This is the same generation that is affecting the changes demanded from our customers.

Locke Truong

Director of product marketing, Sage X3

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