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You know that Sage X3 is a global cloud-based business management solution – with multi-language and multi-legislation functionality that allow the application to stamp its passport around the world. You can see evidence of its travels on its global product site, found at, where you can elect to view content specific to more than 16 countries, in ten languages. And that list just grew. is now available for Canada in both English and French. Pretty neat, eh?

Sage has maintained a strong and growing presence in Canada for decades, and as Sage X3 continues to gain traction in the Canadian marketplace, it warranted equal attention in both official languages. is the go-to destination for product info, industry content, product tour, white papers, customer reviews, blog articles and much more. We invite you to visit, and peruse the wealth of resources available in (nearly) any language you prefer. And email me with any feedback or questions you may have.

Nancy Teixeira

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