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The Consumerization of IT

How to stop fighting and start capitalizing on the trend

Maybe we have the BlackBerry to blame. Once the darling of the corporate world, companies steadfastly held on to the BlackBerry as their employees overwhelmingly purchased newer and smarter smartphones for their personal use. It was inevitable, then, that those devices began being used to access the enterprise network and run the enterprise applications. It’s called the Consumerization of IT, and like many trends, it presents both threats and opportunities.

CITE-ing facts

The results of the 2014 IDG Enterprise Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) survey underscore that the mobile movement will not be stopped, and companies must make changes to protect corporate data while accommodating the devices their employees expect.

Fully 82 percent of companies surveyed were already making changes, such as defining how corporate data can be shared, investing in mobile device management (MDM) solutions, and purchasing secure file sharing services.

From the survey results, it seems that rather than fighting the consumerization of IT, companies are recognizing it is more than a trend – it’s the new reality – and they are finding ways to respond and adapt. One way they are adapting is by increasing their reliance on cloud computing applications – 60 percent of the survey respondents said that consumer technology use would increase the use of cloud computing at their companies.

Capitalize on the Cloud

We recently wrote about how SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) technologies are changing the face of business. SMAC technologies include collaborative applications, available on any device, accumulating and sharing data, and making that data rapidly and easily accessible over the Internet. One such application is Sage X3, a modern cloud-based business management solution.

With one integrated and secure enterprise application like Sage X3, you can support the management of your entire business from anywhere on any connected device. You can give users the freedom to securely access company data in an intuitive Web and mobile interface that they can personalize with the widgets and collaboration applications they love to use.

By embracing the consumerization of IT, companies can develop strategies and adopt cloud-based applications to actually save money, increase business agility, bolster collaboration, foster faster decision making, and improve employee productivity and satisfaction. In fact, back to the CITE survey, 70 percent of respondents report that they have seen an ROI of some sort through the use of consumer devices in the workplace. Sounds like a trend-setting, all-around win.

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Jean Huy

Vice president of product marketing, Sage X3

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