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Why your cloud HCM must be fast, simple, and flexible

The pace of global business is fast – businesses lacking speed and agility quickly fall behind. Simplicity is the key to efficiency – complexity is an efficiency and productivity killer. Flexibility boosts your competitive advantage – inflexible, static systems stifle growth and expansion. Fast. Simple. Flexible. Three key elements in a successful business, and in your cloud HCM solution.

Fast means

1. Anywhere access
Cloud HCM offers mobile accessibly – from any device – so your workforce can work from the office, the road, and anywhere in between.

2. Immediate insight
With comprehensive functionality, including talent acquisition, employee self-service, skill development and performance review, and workforce planning and analytics, cloud HCM supports the entire employment journey. And powerful analytics tools, including customizable dashboards, deliver immediate insight into your human capital data.

3. Rapid collaboration
Cloud HCM’s single database, accessible to employees and their managers globally, promotes rapid collaboration and improved communication across your organization.

Simple means

1. Simple to manage
Cloud HCM brings simplicity to the complex task of managing your organization’s human capital. A cloud deployment requires minimal IT resources to implement and maintain, allowing you to focus resources on your core business goals.

2. Quick to learn
Cloud HCM is quick to learn and easy to use, promoting high levels of user adoption and a speedy start on your return on investment. An intuitive interfaces reduces the need for user support, and can be easily personalized to users’ roles and preferences.

3. Easy to use
Cloud HCM helps eliminate inefficiencies in the HR process by providing a single, powerful, integrated solution. Productivity increases result from reduced manual entry, rekeying, and reconciliation of data for HR, finance, and managers. Cloud HCM’s comprehensive functionality, combined with integration with multiple payroll solutions and your organization’s ERP application, simplifies every aspect of human capital management.

Flexible means

1. Adapt to change
Cloud HCM helps you adapt to domestic and international workforce compliance mandates with flexible and configurable workflows.

2. Scale to meet capacity
Cloud HCM integrates all people-processes in a single, flexible, powerful, cloud-based tool that is flexible enough to grow along with your global businesses. Add new users, new locations, and incorporate additional functionality instantly, as you need it.

3. Ready for expansion
A flexible cloud HCM enables you to expand your business to new markets or geographies, and maintain compliance with your global company policies and any country-specific requirements.

Fast, simple, and flexible are fundamental attributes you should look for in your cloud HCM.
If you’d like to learn more about how cloud HCM can increased people satisfaction, engagement, and performance – click here.

David Rawling

With over 16 years of experience in selling enterprise business software; David has an in-depth knowledge of enterprise solutions. During his 5+ years at Sage, he has had a variety of roles across the Sage enterprise sales team. More recently David has moved to the role of Global Product Marketing Director for Sage X3. His unique and in-depth knowledge of Sage X3 and traditional ERP provide a great basis for success in his new role.

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