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Is your construction enterprise ready for what’s next?

As technology changes the construction landscape, companies need next-generation business management solutions to compete.

As it has in virtually every other industry, technology is redefining the construction industry. Mobile technology, the Internet of Things, and Big Data are just a few of the technologies impacting the industry. The ever-increasing pace of technological change is forcing construction companies to become more agile or they risk falling behind and becoming obsolete. No longer is it a question of the cost of change, but rather, what will the cost be of not changing? Is your construction operation ready to meet the challenges – and greet the opportunities – technology brings?

Next generation construction enterprise solution

Sage X3 Construction is the next generation of business management solutions for the construction sector.  Sage X3 Construction runs your business faster than ever before, with a cohesive, enterprise class solution to manage all of your core business processes—from estimating and planning, through full project and financial management based on WIP data captured directly out in the field.  This empowers you to better manage costs, changes requests, and improve cash flows – not only reducing risks and protect project profitability, but giving you the visibly and control needed to grow your construction firm with greater confidence.

Sage X3 Construction was built by construction pros for construction pros – with built-in functionality for best practice financial and project management, combined with the flexibility to accommodate any of your unique rules and processes. It’s also easily scalable—offering a construction management platform that grows with your business and offers one unified view across all your projects, sites, and multiple business entities whether you just operate domestically, or do business in multiple countries and currencies.   Sage X3 Construction empowers projects managers like never before with more granular, up-to-date project data so they manage costs while ensuring projects and services are delivered on time and on budget.

Build a foundation of success

Sage X3 Construction builds on the power and functionality of Sage X3, delivering the unique capabilities construction enterprises need.

  • Gain Project Control and Insight
    Make better decisions with more granular and up-to-date insight into all risks and costs of a project
  • Improve Field-to-Office Collaboration
    Share and capture site data on any mobile device to improve field-to-office communication and collaboration
  • Reduce Project Risks
    Empower project managers to more quickly recognize and mitigate project-related issues
  • Apply Construction Management Best Practices
    Analyze variances in scheduled costs against actual costs at any node level using EVM industry best practices and WBS visualizations
  • Use One System
    Reduce complexity and manage all project sites and multiple business entities, including projects spanning multiple countries and currencies – all in one place
  • Grow with Confidence
    Bid more projects and expand your construction business using an integrated system that can scale to even the most complex megaprojects

Take full advantage of the today’s technology, and that to come

Sage X3 Construction is a complete, integrated, and modern commercial financial and project management platform that runs entirely in the browser and across any mobile device. Sage X3 Construction can scale to thousands of users and project nodes, and seamlessly integrate to external systems. It is the natural choice to deliver an end-to-end construction solution for forward-thinking construction enterprises. Learn more about Sage X3 Construction here.

Locke Truong

Director of product marketing, Sage X3

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