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Six tips to make the most of ERP for your Enterprise

A true ERP system requires input from multiple departments company wide. As technology evolves, ERP planning requires you to manage your operations differently. In many companies, ERP systems are the backbone to running a smooth operation.

Here are six tips to manage your enterprise for business success:

1. Customize your system to manage your business growth and needs
If you are a food service operation or a manufacturing firm, your business needs are going to differ when trying manage your enterprise. Finding a process that works for your organization will help when trying to scale up or scale down.

2. Build a winning project team to minimize workload
Building a winning project team with full-time members of your staff is an easy and affordable way to manage your enterprise. The team should consist of staff across the organization from marketing, sales, R&D, engineering, finance, and human resources departments. If your organization is large with multiple locations, consider having multiple project teams to manage the workload internally and externally. Assign a team captain and schedule a regular cadence of stand-up meetings.

3. Set a strategic timeline
Articulating a strategic timeline with goals and objectives is key for running a success enterprise. If you don’t set a timeline up front, you may face roadblocks later on. Work with key leaders from your organization and a project team to establish a strategic plan.

4. Work with accounting and sales to develop a ROI forecast
To determine a ROI forecast, work with your accounting and sales to calculate and analyze current and future demand levels and revenue costs.

5. Define your workflow process
To automate your enterprise and save time and money, it’s important that you establish a smooth workflow process. Work with your project team to define the scope and process you want to set in place.

6. Run a trial program to accelerate the program and reduce any roadblocks
Before implementing the full project, run a trial program to see if the workflow process runs smoothly and forecast any roadblocks along the way. This will allow your enterprise to make adjustments and save money in the long run.

Making these changes to your workflow and business management can help you save time and money and work more efficiently. Check out this report from Forrester to learn more about how Sage X3 can help.

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